BEW Betrieb und Entwicklung von Wasserkraftanlagen  GmbH


We are a young company focussed on the further development of an invention to produce energy from Small Hydro Power (SHP).

Our core product is the so called Lamella Turbine, giving a unique opportunity to utilize highly economical energy production on SHP-sites with very low head.

In case of any constructive change of a river, the EU Water Framework Directive demands an improvement of the ecological condition of the river. The Lamella Turbine  makes it possible to reach that goal, as the power plant keeps sufficient space and constant operational conditions for a generous fish pass, to adapt the site in compliance with the rivers natural characteristics.

Also security against flood water incidents, as demanded by the authorities, can be considered and achieved by our SHP-concepts. See more at Lamella Turbine.

Our associates are involved in inventions and developments in the field of energy since decades.

Meanwhile, two plants with the Lamella Turbine are installed and in operation since 2008, feeding electricity into the grid in a 7/24 mode. Applying this experience on the results of computer simulations and ongoing optimisation cycles on our laboratory flow channel, we started our marketing rollout in early 2011.

Today BEW offers an overall engineering concept at your specific location to verify the commercial potentials of the Lamella Turbine.

We are prepared to supply you with our technology and the mechanical components as well as to cooperate in the team of experts realizing your project.

Head               from 0,50 m up
Water Flow         from 0,50 m³/s up